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Letter to my 30 year old self

While looking through some files on my flash, i stumbled across this letter i wrote to myself early last year. I thought i’d share…

Dear 30 year old Chinwe,

How are you? How does it feel to be 30?

Well I’m writing this letter to you from the past and I’m hoping that a good number of the dreams I have today being the 16th of may 2013 have either been achieved or are on its way to being realized 😉

First and foremost are you happy?

I hope you’ve either gotten your masters or at least a couple of certifications that prove you actually know something… what did it end up being? By this I mean do you have a vocation? By the way do you still love shoes and have you been able to do the shoe store ish with Kayode Bisiriyu…

Do you have a kid?

I hope you turned into a stylish, sophisticated fun loving woman who loves a good laugh even if its at herself? Do you still do series and romantic comedies?

I hope you are still a freaking optimistic realist?

Do your undies match these days?

How many of your old friends are you still close too? How often do you hang out? Or chat? If you haven’t chatted with Busola, Veev, Ebi, Yinka, Biyi, Kebijo, Kayode B, in a while then you should hit them up today.

How’s Mumsi? Is she happy? What’s Bu and Nu doing? And Ginika? Is she happy and comfy?

What’s your hair and skin like now? Still with a crew cut? I damn well hope you’ve been able to achieve the glossy skin you’ve been coveting all these while?

What’s the plan for the future? I hope you have one?

I sincerely hope God is still forefront for you?

Are you still in love with love?

Are you married?

What do you dream about these days?

Do you still want to have that strategy lab that will solve half the world’s problems? What about the free lance company or have your dreams evolved as well?

Are you still strong and confident on the outside but … on the inside? I hope your core has strengthened sha?

Are you mentoring anyone now? Are you in contact with any of your mentors or mentees?

Are you still with D?


Notice that all these are questions. Well that’s cos I don’t want you feeling bad about anything you haven’t achieved by today your 30th birthday. The truth is that I love you and I’m sure I will understand whatever decisions you’ve made even if they didn’t exactly go the way we thought they would…

With Love from your younger self.



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