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Embracing our truth

At a movie I went to see yesterday evening, the phrase ” Naked and not ashamed ” jumped out to me. Almost 24 hours later, another phrase poked me. This time around from Mary Jane. “Stop being liars and embrace the truth no matter how ugly it is“.

Somehow my mind found a connection between the two phrases.

A lot of us feel that our loved ones should love us because of the part of us that is good, clean, sweet and beautiful.

A lot of us expect our loved ones to be tidy, good and all things nice. 

Because of this feeling, we try to hide anything about us that isn’t good or socially acceptable. And we’ve become quite good at it.

Being the humans that we are, we can’t hide for too long and soon enough those parts of us that aren’t sweet or beautiful start to peep out from the edges of our neatly arranged facade until we can’t control it anymore and then our not so good traits forces its ugly head out and roars proudly in indignation at being kept hidden.

If you are a smooth individual, you’d try to balance out the ugliness with the sweetness, if you are not so savvy, the ugliness reigns supreme and gradually bullies the sweetness into silence or non existence.

It is usually at this stage that a loved one would say “she wasn’t like this when I met her. She has changed. I don’t know her anymore”.

We are humans and that means that inherently we are dirty, ugly, mean, selfish, greedy and a host of other vices. We are also beautiful, good, kind, selfless and wonderfully designed in all our diversity.

What if we learn to embrace the truth about ourselves? The good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful? Would embracing our ugly truths help us learn to be naked and not ashamed before another human?

Will we then be able to love another human without judgment, seeing as we are well aware of our own ugliness.

What if we stopped lying about who we are and accept what we are?

Maybe we would find peace and beauty and some measure of control over the roar of our own ugliness.

What would happen if we trusted our loved ones with our nakedness- the truth of our real nature? Would they still love us?

To be naked and not ashamed is not for the faint of heart. And to see another human’s nakedness in all its ugliness and still love that person is the mark of a true warrior.

To those who stuck around after I knowingly or unknowingly ditched my facade and exposed the ugliness of my nature, I say thank you. You guys are the real deal. God bless you for me.



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