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1st Post of 2017

It’s a new year. I’ve set my goals for the year and I’m feeling invigorated about actually hitting my goals. The goals I set for myself this year range from spiritual, mental/Physical health, commercial to purposeful and relationship goals and up until I shared it with my closely knitted niche (whom I will call the Great 3) I didn’t realise that there was nothing about work on my goals.

In one of my regular conversations with myself I casually told me that – “I have created a work plan which is separate from my goals and besides, the goals are about who I am and the work plan is about what I do.” and this was enough at the time. Time being 01/01/2017

Fast forward to 03/01/2017. It’s 5 am and someone is blowing up my phone. I refuse to pick until I get it that the person on the other end is equally as mulish as I am. I pick up and the first thing I hear is “Gen don spoil” Of course I recognise the voice. It’s Thomas, the Handyman at the office. And my year officially starts…

Between getting ready for work and calling various Generator fixers and literally begging them to come early to my office on the 3rd of January when most people were still “holidaying” I started asking myself why exactly there was nothing about work on my 2017 goals. I usually look forward to work but this year was different. I didn’t even change my hair style as I didn’t want to waste 3-5 hours of my precious holiday at the salon. Am I burnt out? Is it because I had just one week to rest? Am I tired of my work? Which part? Do I want out?

I’m taking my time with these questions because I feel that in savouring them, I will figure out the plan for 2018 and maybe 2019. Who knows, maybe something big is about to happen to me. Whatever the case, I’m dealing with these questions and any other that arises gently and slowly until I figure out a roadmap that works.

By the way, I’m a Scrum Master/HR & Admin Manager/ Executive assistant by day. After 5 pm I’m a whole bunch of other contradictions- SAP Consultant, Growth Hacking Enthusiast, Lover, People helper, Skincare addict and Mentor. Yea I’m one of those Multipotentialites. *Shrugs*

Fierce and prickly, I’m a bit difficult to know and understand especially with my eccentric but perfectly sane opinions and principles. I write when I feel like, I love whom I want to, and I generally just want to be a better version of me…

P.S: So what did I actually learn on my first day back at work? That I can’t fix everything. That I can be cool with not being able to fix everything. That I can be tolerant of people who feel I should be able to fix everything.



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